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New partnership aims to help Aboriginal students succeed in school

Posted on April 18, 2013


It's a commitment to access, opportunity and empowerment -- from Kindergarten to college.

Vancouver Community College (VCC) and the Vancouver School Board (VSB) have teamed up to improve education and career opportunities for Aboriginal students.

Highlights of a collaborative agreement signed on April 18:

  • Establish initiatives to help Aboriginal students explore careers and plan for the future
  • Develop and offer technology, trades, and human services education programming in VSB’s K-12 classes that could lead to post-secondary training
  • Explore scholarships and grants that will make it easier for Aboriginal students to attend post-secondary
  • Develop and support innovative bridging programs that allow Aboriginal teens to access college programs and services
  • Share relevant support services and facilities when appropriate 

As a show of commitment to this agreement, five Aboriginal high school students in Vancouver will be offered tuition-free studies at VCC for one year, upon recommendation from the school board.