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VCC budget commits to improving the campus experience

Posted on April 8, 2013


In the coming years, all VCC staff and students will have access to affordable, mouthwatering food choices and a couple of gyms to help burn off the calories.

On April 4, the Board of Governors approved VCC’s 2013-2014 budget, paving the way for these exciting future improvements to the VCC campus experience:

  • Fitness facilities, available to students and staff at both campuses
  • New Broadway campus food services tied to an expanded international culinary program

Both of these ideas were recommended by students. Planning for the food services transition from Sodexo to VCC is already underway, although changes won't take effect until 2014. A comprehensive planning process will soon begin for the fitness facilities.

The budget — a result of extensive feedback gathered from both students and staff — also includes a two per cent tuition increase for domestic students and seven per cent increase for international students. Even with these changes, VCC's international student tuition rates are still among the lowest in B.C.

Through this budget, VCC remains committed to its key priority: student success through quality education and positive campus experiences.