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VCC ramps up energy savings activities

Posted on October 3, 2013

Vancouver, B.C. – As a part of an overall commitment to reducing its environmental impact, Vancouver Community College (VCC) has engaged Prism Engineering through the BC Hydro Energy Manager program to reduce the amount of energy used on both campuses.

“VCC has been making some big changes to reduce environmental impacts of waste and now energy at the college,” said Wendy Avis, VCC manager of environment and sustainability. “Participating in the BC Hydro Energy Manager program builds upon the energy savings we have seen in the past year, and will help us reduce costs and lower our carbon footprint.” VCC’s goal is to reduce its carbon footprint 10 per cent by 2015/16 over 2010/11 levels.

Prism Engineering, a local firm committed to energy management, is tasked with finding ways to save energy on campus through technological upgrades, operational changes and encouraging energy conservation behaviours in staff, students and faculty. Energy Manager Majid Pishvaei from Prism Engineering explains, “My colleagues and I bring a mix of professional engineering, strategic thinking and communications skills to VCC to ensure that we save as much energy as possible at the college.”

VCC will be considering and evaluating energy conservation projects for all building systems including lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, controls and more. On top of the technical projects, VCC will also launch an awareness campaign in the month of October to encourage staff, students and faculty to conserve through turning off all unnecessary lights. Digital posters, energy conservation tips, site tours and lighting tallies will change current routines to include turning off the lights when leaving an unoccupied area.

“These energy conservation activities will help the college decrease our carbon emissions and reduce our environmental impact, a VCC value and a commitment in our environmental strategy,” said Wendy Avis. “We’re looking forward to ramping up our energy savings.”

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