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A unique look at VCC's Fashion Design and Production program

Posted on December 4, 2020

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In the first week of school, students are already designing a product that will be available for purchase from a local shop six weeks later.

This fast-paced production process helps students put into practice all their foundational learnings. Instructors Matthew Burditt (MB), Concetta Sciaretta (CS), and Allision Drake (AD) share what they love about the Fashion Cycle classes, a unique part of VCC's Fashion Design and Production program. 

What do you love about teaching the fashion cycle classes?

MB – I love the chance to watch the students really develop their creative prowess under realistic constraints.  

Why is this style of learning about fashion rewarding for students?

MB – The duality of the freedom to be inventive, paired with the introduction to industry requirements, creates a very dynamic learning environment.  Students learn about the intrinsic elements of product development/production in a relaxed and low-pressure way. 

CS – It is comparable to what happens in the garment industry, and they learn how time sensitive the job is. 

How does the combination of individual and teamwork foster deeper learning? 

MB  Students develop individual ideas and sample those ideas in tangible ways. Then they are asked to work closely with their team-mates to consider and combine other's ideas into their own and vice versa. They develop both solo and reciprocal projects without compromising their creative freedoms. 

AD – Having the support and feedback from your peers fosters deeper growth and understanding, mimicking a true industry work environment. 

How do the fashion cycle classes feed into the second year?

AD – The learning from all the fashion cycles in first year come together in a self-led final project. These experience result in collections that are creative and dynamic.

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