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Career FAQ: Automotive Collision and Refinishing Diploma

Posted on August 12, 2021

Auto trades are one of the top demand trades in our province (B.C.). Check some frequently asked questions about career opportunities and how VCC prepares international students in Automotive Collision and Refinishing Diploma for employment.


Image: @VCCautobody Instagram


What type of work may be expected?

  • Detailing: interior/exterior cleaning
  • Refinishing Prep (sanding, masking, priming)
  • Bodywork: removing installing parts, sheet metal repair, dent repair, welding
  • Autoglass: removing/installing


Where do VCC graduates work in Vancouver?


What is the salary range?


Image: @VCCautobody Instagram


How does VCC prepare students for employment?

  • Theory and practical training at VCC's Auto Shop
  • Resume building, mock interviews, and job searching skills
  • Instructors connect students to part-time and full-time jobs.


What are students' experiences in this program?


Image: @VCCautobody Instagram