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ESL update for students

Posted on May 30, 2014

ESL Update Students

VCC offers two streams of ESL classes – ELSA/LINC and our other ESL programming (CPE, Outreach, ELS and PACE).

As a result of changes in funding for ESL programming, VCC will be suspending ESL (CPE, Outreach, ELS and PACE) delivery effective mid-December 2014. This change will not affect our LINC classes.

University Transfer and combined skills classes will continue to be offered (HCA/ESL, culinary arts/ESL and baking and pastry arts/ESL).

Classes and schedules for ESL delivery from September to December will be finalized in the next few weeks. VCC will be offering CPE 099 in September so that students currently in CPE 098 will have the opportunity to complete their academic Grade 12 equivalency.

VCC continues to offer basic and intermediate level English training for adult newcomers to Canada (also known as Language Instructions for Newcomers to Canada or LINC). Please check with ELSA-Net for eligibility requirements for LINC classes.

There are also a range of alternative programs and courses available for students to access in the community (see ESL Resources for Students below).

VCC continues to explore options to determine if we may be able continue to offer ESL beyond December 2014. We will continue to post updates for students on myVCC and on this site.


ESL Resources for Students

Information about alternative ESL courses can be found here.


VSB Continuing Education English as a Second Language Courses

You may also contact settlement/integration agencies in your area such as the Immigrant Services Society of B.C. to inquire about language services that they offer.  

VCC also offers a range of additional programs, including programs designed for speakers of English as an additional language who wish to receive practical training:

Health Care Assistant – ESL (Home Support/RCA/ESL)

Cooking ESL

Baking and Pastry Arts ESL