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How to get the most out of meditation

Posted on August 26, 2022


Do you meditate? Research continues to show the benefits of meditation for both our mental and physical health. It doesn’t even take a lot of time. A recent study by researchers at New York University found that beginners who meditated less than fifteen minutes per day for eight weeks improved their attention, memory, mood, and emotional regulation.

While we know the benefits, we also know it can still be difficult to start (and stick to) a good meditation practice. This is where Shaleen Kumar can help. In VCC’s newest course, Mindful Meditation (HLTH 1406), Shaleen will teach students to utilize nature, art, and embodied writing as tools for releasing emotional energy for self-care and stress relief.

About Shaleen

Shaleen works as a lab demonstrator in VCC's Occupational and Physical Therapy department and is on her way to completing a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction: Health Education and Active Living. She also teaches Aquafit to the blind and stroke population and is an author for the children’s journal I’m Awesome. Shaleen’s dynamic background comes from a foundation of mindful meditation and self-care.

Register now for the new Mindful Meditation course through VCC Continuing Studies.