Important tuition and fee payment update

Posted on July 30, 2014

We now accept credit card payments through Plastiq.com

Beginning August 1, 2014, the way we accept credit card payments is changing at VCC. We have partnered with Plastiq, an online payment provider, to allow all students to use their existing credit cards to make payments through their secure online system. By partnering with Plastiq, we can offer all students the option to make payments for tuition with their Visa or MasterCard.

Plastiq is a transparent, secure and convenient platform that allows you complete control over your transactions. You can schedule payments, earn rewards from Plastiq on top of credit cards programs, and have the benefits of making an environment friendly, paperless transaction.

Making a payment through Plastiq is similar to making any secure online credit card payment. Once your transaction is completed, you will receive a confirmation email, and all charges will be clearly indicated on your credit card statement.


There is a fee for using the Plastiq service. Here's what it's all about:

Plastiq brokers low rates with card issuers so you pay as little as possible. Plastiq charges a fee, 1.99% of the total amount for the transaction. Two charges will appear on your credit card statement - one will be for the principal amount, and the other will be from Plastiq indicating the fee. Learn more at www.plastiq.com.

After August 1, students will still be able to pay tuition and related fees through online banking, debit card (in-person), cash, bank drafts, certified money orders, cheques and through Plastiq.

Please note - students registering for CS courses will have the option of online, in-person or by phone using their credit cards. International and domestic students wishing to pay their tuition and related fees by credit card can use Plastiq, accessible through myVCC.

This change in payment options applies to domestic fees and tuition including:


  • Domestic Tuition & related fees
  • Admission deposits
  • Tool deposits, uniform deposits
  • Student Union fees
  • Student health and dental plan fees
  • College Initiative fees

*Students are still able to use credit cards to pay using Plastiq – with an additional service charge of 1.99 per cent


  • Application fees
  • Assessment fees
  • International Tuition fees
  • Continuing Studies courses
  • Bookstore sales
  • Cafeteria/food services
  • Library
  • Transcripts
  • Service requests (including verification letters)