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Introducing Transformative Learning – new courses for positive personal change

Posted on August 19, 2020

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What about your life do you wish you could transform? Are there elements of today’s world that you wish you were better prepared to face?

Vancouver Community College (VCC) Continuing Studies is pleased to launch a new program area – Transformative Learning – featuring courses designed to help people thrive in an evolving world and reach their fullest potential in health, wellness, careers, and relationships.

"The world around us is rapidly changing. That’s why it’s important to build a knowledge base around critical topics and develop methods for embracing our unknown future,” says Transformative Learning program coordinator Sarah Murray. 

Browse the new courses for Fall 2020 below or attend an upcoming free information session to learn more about this exciting new program area from VCC Continuing Studies.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
Learn to live the mantra “stay calm and carry on.” Discover ways to understand your triggers and acquire the skills and practices needed to manage stress. 

Work That Reconnects
Strengthen your relationship with our world by developing compassion, connections, and hope through a series of interactive practices.

Systems Change
Discover how to map a system, identify leverage points, dismantle silos, and envision a system that can lead to positive change.

Let’s Talk about Death
Open a dialogue about dying and develop a set of end-of-life resources by uncovering new and traditional approaches to death. 

Urban Farming Essentials
Stock your pantry and your bank account with a combination of gardening tips, crop planning, and small business know-how.

Local Economies
Create a list of personal values you can use when shopping as you learn how to contribute to the re-establishment of our economic health. 

Get to know the benefits of online learning and see what else is new from VCC Continuing Studies this fall.