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Meet Experience VCC tuition winner Brian Chan

Posted on June 7, 2018


Say hello to the grand prize winner from our recent Experience VCC open house! Brian Chan won $500 in VCC tuition after attending the event and filling out our survey. We recently caught up with Brian to find out what’s in store for him at VCC.

What do you do now?
Right now I'm in IT. I’ve been with the same company for almost nine years.

Why did you attend Experience VCC?
I’ve always loved cars. I’ve loved cars since I was a child. My current job is good but I recently started thinking I’d like to become an automotive service technician. I went to the open house, got a tour of the shop, and it was really exciting. 

Have you decided to go back to school?
Yes, but I didn’t decide right away. Winning the $500 was a big sign. I rarely enter contests. I wasn’t even thinking I would, but I figured why not? Another big sign came when I went on a trip to Spokane, Washington shortly after winning the draw.

What happened in Spokane?
I was in Spokane with my friends. I’d never been there before. We had just eaten at a buffet, we walked outside and there in the next parking lot were ten DeLoreans – my favourite car! They were all in town for the Spokane Lilac Festival. I didn’t even know about it. I told my friends, “Stop, stop, stop!”

You know Macklemore’s music video for the song “Thrift Shop?” There’s a DeLorean in it, and that exact DeLorean was right there. I met the owner, Faisal. I also met Shawn, the President of the DeLorean Club, and Toby, the owner of a DeLorean shop near Seattle. They are such a positive group who are always willing to have a conversation about their cars. I got all these great pictures. It was just crazy!

And now you’re ready for a career change?  
Yeah. At first, I wasn’t sure but now I know. Winning the cheque, then seeing all those cars and meeting the owners – there’s no way it was a coincidence. Everything just came together. I’m super delighted about this.

What are your hopes for the future? 
My goal is to buy a DeLorean. And now, if I become a mechanic, I would be confident to do it. Classic cars may have a lot of issues to sort out, but if I can fix it myself, that would be perfect.




Missed Experience VCC? Stay tuned for details on our next open house in Fall 2018 or register now for an upcoming program info session.