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Skills talk

Posted on November 13, 2013

VCC President Kathy Kinloch -- who will be transitioning to the role of BCIT president in early 2014 -- was interviewed by CKNW’s Bill Good at the B.C. Business Summit in Vancouver on Nov. 13.

The summit brought together leaders in government, business, and post-secondary education to discuss skills training as it relates to B.C.’s economic future.

Kinloch also took part in a panel discussion called People Powered Prosperity: Skills Training and Human Capital.

Here are a few highlights of the live on-air discussion about skills training in British Columbia:


Kinloch: “The need for a skilled workforce in the next 10 years, if not the next 20 years, is key in the province. I see it as an opportunity to build on strengths of BCIT but also to work provincially within the system. VCC is one of the contributors to the skills agenda as well.”


Kinloch: VCC is “a college that has got so much to offer. We have trades. We also offer programs in degrees such as nursing. We have dental programs and (programs) across health sectors as well as well-known hospitality programs. The other area that I’m particularly proud of and that we continue to celebrate is our focus on language training and access.”


Kinloch: “There is a review of the ITA (Industry Training Authority) right now and we hope that there are simplified processes that emerge that will encourage employers to take more advantage of apprenticeships. A key factor is working together with employers. There’s resources needed across the province.”

Kinloch: “Only 20 percent of apprentice students are sponsored by business leaders. That’s an opportunity to not only focus on waitlists but to enable students across the province to get into apprentice programs and access education quicker.”