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The future is cloud computing

Posted on August 11, 2020

Amazon, Google, Microsoft... these names need no introduction, but did you know that these technology giants offer much more than a shopping platform, a search engine service, or Office software? They are also among the top providers of cloud computing services for organizations around the world, from small businesses to large enterprises.

Cloud computing, which has quickly spread in recent years, is the use of computing resources, including servers, storage, software, computing power, over the internet (‘the cloud’). With virtualization technology, multiple virtual machines can be run on one physical server and the cloud computing provider can enable you or other clients to access the power of that server to run operating systems and applications, use software, utilize storage, perform analytics and intelligence, and much more, all through the internet.

The advantages are many. It offers flexibility – of computing power/storage/resources, elasticity – for scaling up or down your resource utilization, and automation – of resources and updates. All these benefits can result in efficiency of operations and lower operating costs for the business. As your or your organization’s needs grow, with cloud computing, you can add capacity on the fly. Cloud computing eliminates the cost of purchasing hardware and software, and the operating expenses related to running and managing IT infrastructure. In addition, data backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity is easier and less expensive.

Cloud computing is on a global scale, with providers offering data centers across multiple geographic locations, thus reducing latency while complying with local laws and regulations. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, cloud computing services can provide valuable insights and intelligent models of the data for making informed decisions.

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