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VCC students join forces with leading female chefs for a cause

Posted on August 23, 2019

Photo: Vision Event Photography

Five VCC students, led by Culinary Arts instructor Kimberly McNeill, had the opportunity to work alongside some of Vancouver’s top female chefs and sommeliers at the YES Shef! long-table fundraising dinner on Monday, August 12 at the Chambar Restaurant.

The event, hosted by the WORTH Association (women of recreation, tourism and hospitality), aims to empower women in the local food and wine industry by having leading female chefs mentor the next generation of up-and-coming female culinary talents.

This was also a chance for the students to build their networks in the industry and each of them received a monetary gift of $400 from WORTH to use at VCC to further their culinary careers.

VCC Students

  • Jaqueline Guadalupe
  • Katherine Aguilar
  • Sarah Moroso
  • Anne Nguyen
  • Jeraldine Sarmieto



View the full photo gallery of the Yes Shef! event on Flickr.

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