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 Awards 2019 - Sonja Alton

Make an impact like Sonja and Monty Alton

We are saddened to bid farewell to VCC retiree, longtime friend and donor, Sonja Alton.

Sonja wouldn't want us to be sad. In fine form, Sonja last visited our Broadway campus at our 2019 Fall Awards' ceremony. She is seen above with her granddaughter (L) cracking up our President, Ajay Patel (R), and passing on warm congratulations to Jen Giesbrecht, who was standing in for her dear friend and Sonja and Monty Alton Humanities Achievement Award recipient.

The group had a lovely visit. Jen took Sonja's celebratory messages back to the award recipient (who was out of town on business during the ceremony, but wanted to "meet" and thank Sonja for her and Monty's generosity).

If you would like to contribute to Sonja and Monty's award, scroll down and choose their fund under the drop-down under Designation.

Thank you for thinking about VCC students during this critical time.

Post-secondary students across the province are particularly hard-struck by unemployment. Prior to COVID-19, our students worked in restaurants, tourism, retail stores, salons, spas, child care centres, and more. These jobs allowed them to provide for their basic needs like food and housing while training to be future health care workers, skilled tradespeople, educators, and professionals. Without this work, they are struggling. 

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