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Other Math Equivalencies

Find out which high school courses and VCC courses meet the requirements for your program. Some programs and courses also accept VCC math assessments as equivalencies. Ask an Academic Advisor what options are right for you.

Did you know you can use a higher level course to meet an admissions requirement? If your program requires Workplace Math 11 and you passed Pre-Calculus 11, you have met the requirement. (Some exceptions apply. Talk to an Academic Advisor for more information.)

Math Requirements

Grade 12

VCC Other acceptable courses or VCC assessments
Calculus 12 Not available
Pre-Calculus 12 MATH 0983 & MATH 0993
MATH 1020
VCC Pre-Calculus assessment (72%)
Foundations of Math 12 Not available
Apprenticeship Math 12 Not available

Grade 11

VCC Other acceptable courses or VCC assessments
Pre-Calculus 11

MATH 0861 & MATH 0871
VCC Intermediate Algebra assessment (72%)

Foundations of Math 11

MATH 0862 & MATH 0872
VCC Intermediate Algebra assessment (52%)

Workplace Math 11

VCC Basic Algebra assessment (72%)

Grade 10

VCC Other acceptable courses or VCC assessments
Foundations of Math and Pre-Calculus 10

MATH 0750 & MATH 0751
VCC Basic Arithmetic (80%) & Basic Algebra (60%) assessments

Workplace Math 10

VCC Basic Arithmetic assessment (80%)