Building Service Worker (REAL 1130)

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for cleaning and disinfection of surfaces has surged. Building Service Workers (BSWs) are among the workers protecting public health and safety in various establishments, such as grocery stores, malls, office buildings, and medical centres. BSWs support the cleaning and maintenance of buildings.

This comprehensive training provides you with skills, knowledge, and practical experience to enter the building service worker industry. Included in the course is a 2 to 3 weeks practicum where you will learn by doing actual work.

You will learn, from experienced industry professionals, about essential elements of custodial service including, sanitation and cleaning, operation of cleaning equipment, commercial cleaning, cleaning of carpets, floors, windows, washrooms, waxing, and fire prevention. In addition, you will learn valuable self-employment skills (operating your own business) and job-search skills, such as résumé writing and interview preparation. You will also gain certification in WHMIS.

In relation to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, focus will be on the process of cleaning with the purpose of disinfection. In your work as a professional cleaner, you will benefit from learning about the proper use of cleaning products and disinfectants to keep yourself and others safe from microorganisms that cause various illnesses. You will also learn about the basics of personal protective equipment (PPE), different types of cleaning equipment and disinfectants, and steps for proper cleaning.

For online learning, please be prepared to attend your classes with the following:

• A stable and high-speed internet connection
• A computer with a microphone and webcam (ideal) for participation

Web-conferencing technology, such as Zoom, will be used for online learning. Zoom can also work on an iPhone or Android device (tablet or phone), however, it is highly recommended to use a computer (desktop or laptop) for optimal learning experience.

Optional courses:
Students who want to expand their skill set further can take the optional Pool Operator Level 1 (REAL 1140) and Basic Computer Skills courses.
Course code: REAL 1130
Credits: 0.0
Length: 348.0 hours
Course outline: view
Campus: Downtown Downtown

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