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Medical Insurance

BC Medical Service Plan (MSP)

All BC residents, including international students, are required to have medical coverage through the publically funded BC Medical Services Plan (MSP). There is a three months waiting period for all new residents to BC. During this waiting period, you will be required to have private medical insurance. (Please see "Private Coverage" below.)

The MSP plan covers basic medical services. Please visit Medical Services Plan of B.C. for more details.


Private Coverage - David Cummings Insurance

During your first three months while you are waiting to be enrolled in the BC Medical Services Plan, you will be required to have private medical insurance. VCC International Education can assist you in purchasing this insurance upon your arrival.

Coverage included basic medical care as well as prescription medication and emergency dental services. For more information on coverage please visit: Health Insurance for International Students


Extended Health Insurance

Full-time students in applicable programs are automatically enrolled in the  Student Union at VCC’s (SUVCC) Health and Dental Plan.  Coverage includes a percentage of dental services, extended health services such as massage, physiotherapy and acupuncture, and also prescription medicines and eyeglasses (vision care).  The fee is automatically charged to VCC students’ first fee payment.  Please visit the SUVCC website for more information. 

Note: The SUVCC health and Dental Plan does not cover BC Medical Service Plan premiums.