Nursing (BScN) Advanced Entry

This advanced entry into Year 3 of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a full-time program that prepares graduates to become registered nurses. Registered nurses provide nursing care autonomously and in collaboration with other health care professionals, for people of all ages in a variety of settings. Graduates may work in hospitals, communities, homes, clinics or residential facilities. Graduates will have the competencies to plan, coordinate and provide care for individuals, families, groups and communities. Graduates have the ability to work in a complex, ever-changing health care system by the use of critical thinking skills and evidence-informed practice.

Graduates of the program are eligible to write the national registration exams, and to apply for registration as a Registered Nurse in BC. Registration through the College of Registered Nurses of BC is required before employment as a Registered Nurse in BC.

See the College of Registered Nurses website for more information on skills required to be a nurse.

Program Hours: Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm with the exception of Clinical/practicum experiences. Students will be advised of their clinical/practicum hours once registered and attending the program.

Program Status:
Due to lengthy waitlist applications are currently closed.

Program one-pager
Start Length Credentials Campus Part- or Full-time
Jan 2 Years Bachelor Degree Broadway Full-time

Program Description

Program Description

This program is offered on a full-time basis. Each term must be successfully completed before the next one can be attempted. A major emphasis of this program is active student participation. Throughout the program faculty will encourage students to become increasingly more self-directed and responsible for their own learning. Students are expected to come to class well prepared for active participation in classroom and clinical activities.

All courses are presented in the form of learning packages. Learning activities guide the student through each package/module. The teacher acts as facilitator and expert to promote an environment conducive for learning through activities, such as guided discussion, debate, audio-visual presentation, and skill building exercises.

The clinical component of the courses provides the learner with the opportunity to integrate practice and theory in a safe and caring way. This clinical practice encompasses a variety of supportive and healing measures.

Year 3 (Term 5) focuses on individuals and families experiencing mental health transitions within residential and community settings.

Year 3 (Term 6) focuses on care of the individual and family who experience major disruptions to health and healing and require support in an acute care setting with follow-up in the community and home care.

Year 4 (Term 7) focuses on the health of populations as measured by the health status indicators and as influenced by social, political and physical environments, personal health practices, individual capacity and coping skills, human biology, early childhood development and accessibility of health services.

Year 4 (Term 8) is an extended consolidation of clinical practice at diverse sites.

Classes are generally held 8:30 am - 3:30 pm, Monday - Friday. Practicums are 2 days a week, weekdays or weekends, from 6:30 am - 1:30 pm, or 6:30 am - 3:30 pm, or 2:00 pm - 9:00 pm (class times are subject to change).

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements


This program welcomes applications from Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Program options for international students can be found at VCC International.

As Vancouver Community College is a post-secondary institution committed to educating adult learners, applicants should be 16 years of age or older or a graduate of a secondary school.

Please note that you must submit official transcripts and educational documents to support your application; unfortunately, we cannot accept photocopies or fax versions.

Program Specific

Missing prerequisites? VCC offers courses in Adult Upgrading and English as an Additional Language to help you meet your goals.
Year 3 Admission Requirements
  • Practical Nurse who holds a current Canadian registration as a Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Worked to full scope of practice for a minimum of 900 hours or full time work for 6 months, and within the last five years, as verified by a letter from their employer
  • University Transfer first year courses* equivalent to 18.0 credits, which include the following:
    • VCC English 1100 and 1200 or equivalent with a minimum C+ or better in each course, or VCC 1101/1001 and 1102/1002 with a 'C+' or better in each course
    • VCC Biology 1120 and 1220 (Human Anatomy & Physiology), or equivalent with a minimum C+ or better in each course
    • Two semesters (6.0 credits) of a Humanities course (Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Philosophy, or another Humanities course with a minimum C+ or better in each semester. Note: Students are required to take both halves of the Humanities course (e.g., Psychology 1100 and 1200 qualifies as two semester (6.0 credits); Psychology 1100 and Sociology 1100 together do not qualify)

All requests for transfer credits or course exemptions for all courses in the program must be submitted with application to the program. Click here for Request for Transfer Credit (PDF) form.

Upon acceptance:

  • Successful completion of four Transition to BScN courses. Those students registered to start the Advanced Nursing BScN in January will also be registered in the Transition to BScN courses listed below from August to December the previous year:
    NURS 1357 Role Transitions
    NURS 1358 Maternal and Newborn Health
    NURS 1359 Child Health
    NURS 1399 Health Assessment
  • Current CPR-C certificate which includes:
    • Adult/Child/Baby CPR- one rescuer
    • Adult/Child CPR - two rescuer
    • Adult/Child/Baby - choking
    • Barrier devices/pocket masks
  • A Criminal Record Check (CRC) is required in accordance with the Criminal Records Review Act. All individuals who work with vulnerable adults and/or children must complete a Criminal Records Check through the Ministry of Justice. Applicants to this program should be aware that some practicum placement in hospitals and schools may require completion of a Criminal Records Check indicating no relevant criminal record. After submitting an admissions application, applicants will receive by email a web link and unique college access code to apply and pay for a Criminal Record Check online.
  • Regulations stipulate that a properly fitted respiratory mask must be used when providing care to patients with suspected, known, or probable cases of acute respiratory infections. The respiratory mask must be a N95 respirator that is individually fitted by a trained and certified person. This individual mask fitting should be done just prior to beginning your program and is good for one year and must be performed annually. The original certificate must be presented to your program during the first week of classes. Please view online list of approved fit test service providers.
  • Health Requirements
    • Submission of a negative TB skin test. In case of a positive TB Skin Test, proof of a negative Chest X-ray is required
    • A completed immunization history.
    • Immunizations in the following are strongly recommended, and may be required for practicum placement in the program:
      • Pertussis/Diphtheria/Tetanus
      • Polio
      • Measles, Mumps, and Rubella
      • Hepatitis B
      • Pertussis
      • Influenza (required on an annual basis

Seats are offered to applicants who have met all admission requirements, on a first-qualified, first-served basis

*Post-secondary transcripts must be official. Photocopies or faxed transcripts will not be accepted. If you have foreign documents, your documents must be evaluated by the International Credential Evaluation Service. For an evaluation application and current fee information, email ICES or call toll free 1.866.434.9197.

Recommended Characteristics:

  • A caring attitude
  • A sincere interest in people of all ages who require all levels of care. This includes individuals who are: mentally or physically disabled, experiencing life threatening situations, confused or requiring rehabilitation
  • Good command of oral and written English
  • Good manual dexterity
  • A basic foundation in mathematical calculations of decimals, fractions and metric conversions
  • Flexibility to adjust to early morning and evening practicum shifts, to a variety of clinical settings and locations within the Metro Vancouver area
  • Access to a vehicle to travel to clinical agencies during the program
  • Access to a laptop

Updated immunizations strongly recommended: measles, mumps, rubella, polio, tetanus, diphtheria, hepatitis B vaccine and current influenza vaccination. Please review Important Health Requirements for the VCC School of Health Sciences.

Course Schedule

Fees and Other costs

Application Fee $35
Tuition Fee $9,392
Student Union Fee $330
College Initiative Fee $169
Student Union Health Plan Fee $584
U-Pass Fee $738
Other Costs
$40 - Graduation Fees
$188 - Campus Resource Fee
$144 - Material Fee
$89 - Lab Kit
At the time of acceptance, a $300 non-refundable deposit will be required to hold your seat if accepted more than two months before the start date of the program. Full payment of the first installment will be required within two months before the start date.

For book lists and prices, check Bookstore.

Fees are approximate and subject to change without notice. Students are responsible for any increase in fees if advanced payments are made. The application fee is non-refundable. Fees are refunded according to the refund policy. For further clarification, see withdrawals and refunds information page.

Info Sessions

Info Sessions

Our Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (advanced entry) is a full-time program that prepares graduates for work as registered nurses.

Come to information session to learn about transition courses from LPN studies to the degree program.

Join us at VCC's Broadway campus, 1155 East Broadway, across from VCC/Clark SkyTrain station.

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Contact Us/Request Info


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Program Highlights

Program Highlights


Course Schedule

Courses Schedule


Term 5

(MATH 1111) Introduction to Statistics
course schedule schedule
3.0 credits  course outline
(NURS 3160) Mental Health Nursing
course schedule schedule
6.0 credits
(NURS 3163) Situational Transitions
course schedule schedule
3.0 credits
(NURS 3164) Clinical Mental Health
course schedule schedule
3.0 credits
(NURS 3265) Nursing Research
course schedule schedule
3.0 credits

Term 6

(NURS 3262) Pathophysiology Complex Illness
course schedule schedule
2.0 credits
(NURS 3263) Multiple Transitions
course schedule schedule
2.0 credits
(NURS 3264) Nursing Clinical Practice 6: Care of the Acutely Ill Adult
course schedule schedule
9.0 credits
(NURS 3266) Focused Practice Preparation
course schedule schedule
2.0 credits
(NURS 3370) Clinical Consolidation 3
course schedule schedule
6.0 credits

Term 7

(NURS 4163) Community Health
course schedule schedule
3.0 credits
(NURS 4164) Community Health Clinical
course schedule schedule
3.0 credits
(NURS 4166) Canadian Health Care System
course schedule schedule
2.0 credits
(NURS 4168) Ethics in Health Care
course schedule schedule
2.0 credits
(NURS 4169) Health Law
course schedule schedule
2.0 credits
(NURS ELEC) Non-Nursing Elective
course schedule schedule
3.0 credits

Term 8

(NURS 4261) Nursing Leadership
course schedule schedule
3.0 credits
(NURS 4264) Focused Preceptorship
course schedule schedule
12.0 credits