Instructor and Teacher Training

The School of Instructor Education at Vancouver Community College offers two programs, over 20 courses and develops personalized and specialized workshops to those interested in becoming professional adult educators and trainers. Graduates of its programs instruct in colleges, government, industry and in both non-profit and private sector organizations. 

Courses are scheduled year round at many locations in British Columbia, Alberta and online as well. The School of Instructor Education also offers training to companies and organizations at their place of work upon request. In addition, the School of Instructor Education provides instructor training programs to international clientele both in Canada as well as abroad and has conducted sessions in China, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Chile, Poland, Russia and the United States.

Instructor and Teacher Training

Build knowledge and skills
to become and adult educator.

Instructor and Teacher Training
Instructor and Teacher Training
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Instructor and Teacher Training
Instructor and Teacher Training
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testimonial quoteThe material I learned related directly to my work. I was able to immediately apply the information to my lesson planning and delivery. I really enjoyed the program and would highly recommend it to others.

Sarah, Vancouver

testimonial quoteThe courses are very organized and clearly addressed all the skills, techniques and knowledge that every instructor should have. The courses helped me to effectively deliver and share my expertise as a top notch instructor.

Manjit, Surrey

testimonial quoteThe courses were all very relevant and useful. The instructors were all very passionate, organized and very accessible.

Kim, Vernon

testimonial quoteThe courses were well organized. I personally found the Evaluation of Learning and Instructional Strategies to be the most useful. The instructors were very professional. I highly recommend this program.

Michael, Prince George

testimonial quoteThe courses are relevant and useful and helped me create better lesson plans and better assessment tools. This program is not to be taken for granted. It helped me keep abreast of the times. I’d do it all again!

Gwen, Burnaby