Campus Plan

Future Phases

As the only post-secondary institution to own property in the downtown core, VCC has long appreciated the value of its land assets. The VCC Campus Plan, approved by the Board of Governors in 2019, is the policy document guiding the decision-making around the long-term development and functioning of VCC’s campuses. It strives to enhance the college’s physical environments to support learning, sustainability, community, and partnerships, in alignment with the priorities set out in VCC’s Strategic Innovation Plan, namely: building campuses of the future by thoughtfully designing spaces with cutting-edge technology.

To maximize the benefits of its valuable real estate with its Broadway and Downtown properties, VCC proposes to leverage these land assets not only to support academic program needs, but to also support social and community amenities, as well as stimulate significant job creation with the associated economic impact. The CCEAI building is the catalyst project for the VCC Campus Plan which proposes phased re-development as follows:

map of the new campuses

Phase 1: Begin Broadway Campus Expansion

Scope: With capital budget support from government and VCC fundraising, construct the Centre for Clean Energy and Automotive Innovation on the west side of the vacant parking lot on Great Northern Way.

Phase 2: Construct Second Building on Broadway Campus

Scope: Leverage the land value of the Broadway campus to finance the construction of a second, new academic building on the east side of the parking lot on Great Northern Way.

Phase 3 and 4: Decant Programs from Building A

Scope: Relocate programs into the second new academic building and redevelop the southern portion of the Broadway campus with affordable residential housing together with community, social, and commercial infrastructure.


Phase 5 and 6: Downtown Renewal and Revitalization

Scope: Decant programs from the downtown campus (Tower and Dunsmuir buildings) into the two new buildings on Great Northern Way and redevelop the downtown campus.