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Jazz Repertory Ensemble, Gamelan Ensemble

Date Day Time Room Location
November 21, 2022 Monday 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM VCC Auditorium Broadway campus
Fall 2022 concert - Nov. 21

Jazz Repertory:

After going strong for three years, Jazz Repertory Ensemble is an exciting student ensemble at VCC music. The group focuses on standard jazz repertoire written by major jazz composers, and consists of songs that are often recorded, but not usually played live. Considered a "learning ensemble," the repertoire includes jazz influenced by swing, bebop, latin, afro cuban, and funk.

Gamelan ensemble:

Gongs, gongs and more gongs (and some other cool instruments) - that's the essence of a gamelan. It's an enchanting sound world brought to life with music by the students of the VCC gamelan ensemble.