College Information


Information about facilties and amenities at VCC can be found below.

To contact the facilities department please phone 604.443.8555 or email


Washroom keycode

All washrooms at VCC that currently have key codes have been re-coded as of Dec. 21, 2021.

All VCC washroom codes are 2020#


Universal washrooms

Broadway campus

Building A:
2141A (level 2)

Building B:
G205 (Ground level)
5203 (level 5)


Downtown campus
150B (level 1)
120A (level 1)
162B (level 1)
242L (level 2)
3200 (level 3)
339C (level 3)
435A (level 4)
500C (level 5)
635A (level 6)
735A (level 7)
929   (level 9)