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Countless opportunities: Q&A with medical office skills grad Lisa Forrer

Posted on May 30, 2016

‌‌Lisa Forrer -  Medical Office SkillsMeet Lisa Forrer, a graduate of the Office Administration Certificate - Medical Office Skills program.

1. What is your current career?
I have spent the past year doing casual administrative work at Vancouver General Hospital which was an amazing learning experience. This field has endless possibilities. You really can find your perfect fit. Knowing this I am now looking to venture into a smaller practice or wellness centre on a permanent basis. 

2. What is your best piece advice for someone starting out in this industry?
Realize that there is a huge amount of opportunity in this field. It may take time to see what really appeals to you but the search is worth it. You also should always remember what a valuable asset you are and that your work makes a difference.

3. What was the best part about studying at VCC? 
Everyone studying at VCC is in a program that will result in a career after graduation. There is an abundant amount of resources to make sure you get the most out of your education. Chances are you will land a good job straight away especially if you do a practicum. 

4. What impact did your teachers at VCC have on your career path? 
The teachers at VCC are there to help you succeed. They are very positive and optimistic but at the same time they tell it like it is. Embrace all your classes even if they are not of great interest. They will be of great help when you get out into the workforce. Take advantage of the resource of being taught by professionals in your field of study. Ask them questions and seek advice.

5. What would people be surprised to know about being a medical office administrator?
You can work in a variety of areas as a medical office administrator - hospitals, private practices, specialist offices, wellness clinics, physiotherapy, and chiropractor clinics just to name a few. One teacher told our class she had two former students working on a cruise ship as medical administrators. How amazing is that!


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