Services for Students

Diversity Services

Diversity services

VCC provides a wide range of services and support to ensure learners of all backgrounds and abilities have access to a great education.

With 22,000 students registered annually speaking more than 30 languages from more than 40 different countries, VCC boasts an extremely diverse student body. To encourage and provide support, VCC is a one-stop shop of services to meet the needs of our students. Please consult the list of resources below.

VCC International

Our VCC International office can assist international students identify and achieve their educational and career goals.

Indigenous Services

VCC’s Indigenous Services team offers friendly, helpful support for our Aboriginal students in a safe and relaxed environment.

Disability Services

VCC is committed to making VCC accessible to students with disabilities. As part of our disability services, VCC offers program planning assistance, ongoing learning assistance, exam accommodations, job search assistance and interpreting for classes, events and study situations.

Interpreting Services

As one of the only colleges in British Columbia to have full-time registered sign language interpreting services, VCC has developed a reputation for its commitment to communication and equal access.

Our interpreters also cater to students, staff and faculty who are deaf, hard of hearing or are deaf-blind.

Positive Space

Positive Space at VCC increases the visibility and number of respectful, supportive, educational and welcoming spaces around campus for LGBTQ communities. The group hosts numerous events throughout the year to increase awareness and encourage tolerance.


The C.A.R.E. About Gendered Violence project, led by WAVAW Rape Crisis Centre in collaboration with VCC, helps make campuses safer for people of all genders.