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Electronics Recycling Day

Posted on January 21, 2015

Throughout the month of December, a lot of people get new electronics and are stuck with knowing where to dispose of their old electronics. On Wednesday, January 21, VCC is hosting the annual Electronics Recycling day at both the Downtown and Broadway campuses.

Bring your old, broken or unneeded electronics to the collection points located outside the bookstore on each campus and VCC will send them for recycling.

What can you bring?

  • Computers and audiovisual electronics (keyboards, monitors, hard drives, cables, digital cameras, DVD players, speakers and MP3 players
  • Lighting equipment (desk lamps, flashlights, CFLs and fluorescent tubes)
  • Small appliances (vacuum cleaners, hairdryers and toasters)
  • Electronic toys (gaming devices, remote controls, electronic dolls and stuffed animals, batteries and cell phones)