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Gastown boutique partners with VCC fashion design

Posted on March 16, 2017

Fashion coloure tops 292‌Via Vancouver Sun

Local fashion boutique One of a Few is giving Vancouver design students the chance to showcase their wares in its popular Gastown shop. 

Fashion students from Vancouver Community College Fashion Design and Production diploma program were given the opportunity to create two draped tops to be included in the store’s spring/summer offering. 

“It is important for me to support the students and their learning,” Michelle Rizzardo, the owner of One of a Few said in a news release. “But I needed to know that the tops would work for the look of my store and the selection I have coming in for spring.”

After the students completed the pattern for the tops in their first term, Rizzardo reportedly made style requests before they crafted the final results.

“Having Michelle as our partner was a special experience,” Concetta Sciaretta, a VCC instructor, said. “She was very giving of her time and is truly excited to support the students and see their work.”

Only two sizes of each style have been created, and proceeds from the sale of the tops will be donated to the Sally Hudson Fashion Scholarship fund. 


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