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Province invests $7 million in trades training

Posted on June 8, 2016

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The Industry Training Authority (ITA), along with Minister Shirley Bond, and Minister Suzanne Anton announced the continuation of $7 million of funding to VCC for trades training.

At VCC, it’s our job is to take this funding and provide our students with the highest quality job-ready career and trades training, so they can go out and find a job.

And we know it’s working, our student outcomes for those in the labour force are among the highest in the province at 93%. VCC graduates get jobs.

In response to the objectives outlined in B.C.’s Skills for Jobs Blueprint and the McDonald Report, the B.C. government has worked in partnership with the ITA to begin building a demand-driven trades training system with funding aligned to specific high priority trades.

With the government’s $7-million investment, the ITA will fund 1,870 trades training seats at Vancouver Community College in:

  • Automotive Service Technician
  • Heavy Mechanical
  • Baker
  • Professional Cook
  • Commercial Transport Mechanic

Dr. Peter Nunoda, president, VCC, spoke at the event. “This arrangement between White Spot, the Vancouver Community College and the Industry Training Authority is an excellent example of how partnering works to deliver apprenticeship training for students for in demand jobs that meet everyone’s needs.”

See the full release at BC Gov News.