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VCC fashion students dress Mel K. of Bag and a Beret

Posted on August 8, 2019

Mel K. from Bag and a Beret in three colourful looks


Each year, VCC fashion students are tasked with creating a custom outfit as part of the fashion design and production diploma program. After a couple of years of designing for musicians on stage and the red carpet, this year, influencer Mel K. presented students with the challenge of making clothes worthy for her Instagram feed @bagandaberet

Taking inspiration from her avant-garde style, three groups of first-year students crafted head-turning looks using eye-popping colour, patchwork, flashy fabrics, and unconventional materials like plastic. 

“I was stunned by their amazing work! These are pieces I’ll wear with pride,” says Mel K. “A heartfelt thank-you for inviting me to be part of this project. Being around people buzzing with creative vision and drive inspires my own work and fuels me with optimism for the future.” 

Following the project, Mel K. published a series of blog posts about her experience with the VCC students. “I was curious, perhaps slightly nervous, about what they would come up with,” she writes. “Well, they blew me away with their creativity, technical skills, adaptability, and hard work. Incredible.”

Five cycles to fashion success

Developing clothing for Mel K. was the fourth in a series of five fashion cycle classes that allow students to experience the fast-paced fashion process from design, drafting, and construction to marketing and sales. 

During the two-year fashion design and production diploma program, students start by designing a tote bag. They then create T-shirts and draped tops. After exploring personal style to produce bespoke pieces like the ones for Mel K., their final fashion cycle project gives back to the community by designing career wear for non-profit organizations like Dress for Success or The Harvest Project.

The looks

Check out more photos of our talented students and their custom designs. 

Mel K. and VCC studnets

Left to right: Carlin Lockhart, Shawn Avantini, Mel K., Sekai Fleming

Mel K. with VCC students

Left to right: Armita Azadmanesh, Mel K., Victoria Stephenson, Kiera West



Left to right: VCC instructor Jason Matlo, Cayce Vanderzalm, Mel K., Shadi Arastehmanesh, Nataly Kingsley


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