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VCC students head to international dim sum competition

Posted on November 5, 2019



You could definitely call them a “dream team.” Hand-picked from multiple classes at Vancouver Community College (VCC), culinary arts students Yuanyin (Doris) Lau and Simin (Joey) Zhou have spent the past six weeks designing, testing, practicing, and perfecting a secret dumpling recipe to be unveiled this week at the World Master Chefs Competition for Chinese Cuisine (WMCCCC) in Macau on November 8 and 9, 2019.

It was these students’ professionalism, precision, and experience that earned them spots on this coveted team. Both Doris and Joey are international students, recent graduates from VCC’s Asian Culinary Arts program, and are now pursuing VCC culinary arts diplomas. Doris also brings past experience in baking and pastry arts, while Joey has received professional dim sum training in Mainland China.

“I think our chef wanted to combine our skills,” says Doris. “We are using both pastry and dim sum to create one dish.”

According to Doris and Joey, a competition like this is all about perfect timing and texture, and developing the right recipe is the hardest part. “We spent the first two weeks just making sure it was right,” says Doris. “We had to change our plan a couple of times.” 

The WMCCCC is not a student competition, with elite chefs from over 40 countries bringing their best. In 2017, 19-year-old VCC alumnus Tristan Toderan and partner Dylan Viray claimed silver in the WMCCCC’s entrée category. 

This week, Doris and Joey will attempt to earn their own place on the international Chinese-food podium, and they are more than ready. “I hope this leads to more competitions,” says Doris. “I’m excited to try different things.”


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