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A fresh look for graphic design at VCC

Posted on July 5, 2018

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Originally published in Star Metro Vancouver. 

In Vancouver Community College’s (VCC) recently redesigned graphic design program, students are being equipped with the latest industry knowledge to ensure they are employable as soon as they graduate.

“The central components of the program are print and web design as well as a focus on entrepreneurial learning and technology,” says Lorena Espinoza, department head of the graphic design program. 

“What’s evolved is that we now have a stronger focus on web design and web is blended throughout the program. It is the ecosystem of a graphic designer and you can no longer talk about web in isolation. We’re also focusing on multiplatform thinking.”

The two-year diploma program prepares students for the industry through seven key foundational pillars: conceptual thinking, workforce, studio practices, client interaction, client-centred project, curriculum and flexible pathways. In fact, says Espinoza, it is the only program in Western Canada in which students take on real-world clients.

“Client-driven programming is really important at VCC and it gives students the opportunity to become more confident in their skills,” she says. “Because our program is very community-based, we also have many opportunities for students to get the most out of a practicum they complete at the end of the program.”

With the first cohort of students having graduated from the redesigned offering, Espinoza says she is already seeing success stories. Hot Soup Marketing Group, for example, has hired two students who completed their practicum with the company, while another student is already working in marketing development at the Vancouver Opera.  


Learn more about graphic design at VCC by attending a free information session at our Downtown campus.