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Make Census Day count on May 11

Posted on March 9, 2021

Canada Census partner 2021

Statistics Canada has announced that Canada’s next Census Day is Tuesday, May 11, 2021. All Canadians are invited to take part in this important event.

Held every five years, the census counts every person in Canada and collects basic information about age, sex at birth, gender, official languages and family relationships. The long-form questionnaire gathers further details about income, education, religion, ethnic origins, Indigenous identity and languages, and more. A number of random households (about 25 per cent of the total) will receive the long-form questionnaire instead of the shorter version.

Census information is vital for planning programs and services at the national, provincial, territorial and local levels. Data are used by organizations, businesses, municipalities, governments, and Indigenous communities across Canada.

Census jobs for students

Statistics Canada is currently hiring. There are 32,000 census job opportunities across Canada that are ideal for students seeking both non-supervisory positions (enumerator) or supervisory positions (crew leader).