Posted on August 21, 2023

Q&A with legal administrative assistant grad Kinson Wong

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Kinson Wong is a graduate of VCC's Legal Administrative Assistant program. He shares his experience completing the certificate during the pandemic in January 2021 and his current work at Clark Wilson LLP.

What led you to study Legal Administrative Assisting?

I have always wanted to work in an office environment and was looking around to see what options were available. With a slight background in real estate due to my previous work experience, I had decided to opt in for the legal administrative assistant program at VCC and try to pursue my career as an assistant in real estate or as a conveyancer. 

What excites you about this field?

While I cannot speak on behalf on other areas of law, I could say that the area of commercial real estate is vast, ranging from development to transactions, and each file is almost always different. You will never be bored of each file because of their routine nature, and instead, there are lots to learn which is always exciting!

What was your experience like taking the Legal Administrative Assistant program at VCC?

My experience taking the Legal Administrative Assistant program at VCC was fantastic – the instructors were knowledgable and a great resource whenever I had questions. While it was different from the usual in-class sessions due to the pandemic, every aspect was very informative and the program ran smoothly.

VCC was recommended by a couple of my friends and former colleagues. Also, the timing of the program also played a factor in my decision as the length of the program was relatively shorter in comparison to other institutions.

What's next? Where do you see yourself going?

In the future, I’m working towards becoming a paralegal and continuing to advance in the commercial real estate field. 

What advice would you give to someone considering the program?

There is a wide range of law that you may choose to work in – just because the program does not cover a specific area that you are necessarily interested in, it is a good starting point to get your foot into the legal field! You might also explore another area of law that will peak your interest, so explore your options!

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