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The top five reasons getting your culinary Red Seal is a really smart move

Posted on February 24, 2022

You went to culinary school, you got a great job, and you’re already an excellent cook. Why get your Red Seal? Here’s what some top VCC alumni have to say.

Bruno Marti, Leah Patitucci, Scott Jaeger

Three generations of apprentices (L-R): Bruno Marti, Leah Patitucci, Scott Jaeger

1. You’re probably going to need it

A Red Seal Endorsement (RSE) is rapidly becoming a required certification for many kitchen positions, especially in management and leadership.

"I got a lot out of my apprenticeship experience. Being qualified as a Red Seal cook has opened many doors for me, the most important one is the ability to have apprentices of my own.”

Scott Jaeger, RSE
Chef, Pear Tree Provisions


Chef Ryan Bissell

2. A Red Seal takes you places

A Red Seal is proof of excellence that is recognized by employers across Canada and beyond. Do you dream of working in Toronto? Montreal? Halifax? A Red Seal will get you there.

“I wanted to have an internationally recognized accreditation as I wanted to be a traveling chef. My Red Seal has seen me work in all kinds of settings around the world, I have opened multiple restaurants, and now am the chef/owner of the Lakehouse.” 

Ryan Bissel, RSE
Chef/Owner, The Lakehouse


Chef Montgomery Lau

3. A Red Seal can help you become an industry leader

A Red Seal can help you land jobs at higher-profile restaurants and hotels, while also proving that you have the skills needed for leadership and management positions.

“I took my Red Seal as a means to achieving a milestone as a professional. It’s something that enables you evolve your creativity and beliefs in food and implement and delegate on a large scale as a chef with your own team. In short, creating a vision and making it a reality.”

Montgomery Lau, RSE
Executive Chef, Bacchus Restaurant


Chef Isabel Sukic

4. A Red Seal is a step to higher culinary certifications

A Red Seal Endorsement required to obtain other top culinary certifications such as Certified Chef de Cuisine (CCC) and the Certified Master Chef, (CMC). It’s also needed to enter many high-profile culinary competitions and to teach culinary arts at VCC.

“I got my Red Seal to further my culinary training and create more opportunities for myself in the future. VCC has a solid program, and the instructors do an amazing job setting up students for their final exams and life in the industry. After getting my Red Seal Certification, many doors opened. I was able to get my CCC and obtain my instructor’s papers. I also worked in four diamond hotels, on private yachts, and became the first female department head for VCC Culinary.

Ysabel Sukic, RSE, CCC
Department Leader, VCC Culinary


VCC instructors Tina Yeung and Sam Picken

VCC chef instructors (L-R) Tina Yeung, Sam Picken, and student volunteer Aksel Naylor at VCC's annual Flourish Gala

5. You join a food-loving family

Red Seal cooks wear their badges with pride. In kitchens across the country, they speak the same language, trust each other’s skills, and share the same commitment to culinary excellence.

Do you want to take your cooking career to the next level? Learn more about VCC’s culinary arts apprenticeship programs.