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Sexual Violence and Misconduct

This Policy and the accompanying Procedures affirms Vancouver Community College's (VCC, the College) commitment to providing a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment where Sexual Violence or Misconduct is not tolerated. It outlines a process for Disclosing and Reporting incidents of Sexual Violence or Misconduct to the College and makes clear the College's responsibilities and procedures for reporting and investigating those incidents. It also outlines clear measures the College will take to assist and support survivors of Sexual Violence or Misconduct, regardless of whether a Report has been filed.

This Policy is not intended to interfere with any other College policy, Collective Agreement or applicable law. College Members may choose to proceed with an allegation of Sexual Violence or Misconduct pursuant to this Policy and its related Procedures, or through another appropriate grievance process or College procedure. However, College Members may not pursue more than one concurrent College process related to the same allegations, unless the other process addresses issues arising from the allegation and is not making a determination as to whether the allegation is substantiated.

In accordance with the Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy Act, this Policy will be reviewed at least once every three years. The President will report to the Board of Governors on the implementation of this Policy on an annual basis.

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Updated: November 25, 2020

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