Auto Service Tech Appr Lvl 3 (ATAP 3001)

Learners will describe advanced electrical and electronic principles,
advanced wiring diagrams, computer control, multiplex and
network systems, fuel types, and alternate fuels and carburetors.
Advanced electrical test equipment will be used to perform
advanced diagnostic procedures.

In addition, learners will service fuel delivery and gasoline fuel
injection components, describe and test engine management systems
including input sensors and output actuators, analyze On Board
Diagnostic System Data, service Pre and Post Combustion Systems,
test OBD-II Evaporative Emission System, and perform exhaust gas

Learners will also describe and service electronic ignition systems,
new vehicle technology and hybrid systems as well as vehicle
emissions and legislation.
Course code: ATAP 3001
Credits: 7.0
Length: 210.0 hours
Course outline: view
Campus: Varies Varies

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