Theories of Counselling (CNSK 1403)

The course is an overview of counselling and psychotherapy in terms of theory and practice. Focus is on the how, what, and why of the theories. Content includes major theories of counselling and the limitations and contributions each makes to the practice of counselling. The emphasis is on practice arising out of theory. Ethical considerations will also be discussed. We will look at the differences in goals and techniques and the associated views of human nature. Students will extract theory from experience, and experience from theory and will formulate and develop their own beliefs and approaches to counselling. Attention will be paid to the process of the class group to support learning and also to enhance the learning environment. Students may take Theories of Counselling (CNSK 1403) OR Lifespan Development (CNSK 1404) for credit.
Course code: CNSK 1403
Credits: 3.0
Length: 45.0 hours
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