Design Resources 1 (JADE 1105)

Today’s goldsmiths and jewellery designers need to be fluent in design as a visual language, and to understand the ideas that have shaped current trends in art, design and jewellery. This course, which is presented in 2 components, introduces students to the foundations of design and art history. In the Design Studio component students learn to recognize and implement the Principles of Design (Balance, Proportion, Emphasis, Rhythm and Harmony). The Art History component of the course presents a survey of major movements in Western art, from Prehistoric times through to the Byzantine era. Pre-Columbian art of the Americas and History of Jewellery are also covered. Wherever possible, lessons will be integrated with Metal Techniques projects, with exercises designed to help students throughout their creative process by giving them access to visual resources, tools and techniques.
Course code: JADE 1105
Credits: 1.5
Length: 45.0 hours
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JADE 1101, JADE 1102, JADE 1103.