Dental Technology Sciences Diploma

Vancouver Community College provides a two-year diploma in Dental Technology Sciences. Graduates acquire the specialized knowledge and competencies comprising the scope of dental technology practice. The VCC Dental Technology Sciences program is based on the College of Dental Technicians of BC (CDTBC) required standards of competency for entry to the Dental Technology profession.

The curriculum integrates the related knowledge that supports the professional, productive and skilled design, fabrication, modification and repair of removable and fixed dental prostheses and appliances used in orthodontics and oral and maxillo-facial surgery. Students learn many technical aspects within the scope of practice of the dental technology profession.

The Dental Technology Sciences Diploma program leads to employment in, or ownership of, a dental laboratory. Graduates are eligible to write the licensing examinations according to the requirements of the CDTBC.

Program Hours: This program runs Monday to Friday from either 8:00 am to 3:00 pm or 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Some activies may require a variance of these times to accommodate specific needs.

Program Status:
Accepting applications

Program one-pager
Start Length Credentials Campus Part- or Full-time
Sep 2.5 years Diploma Downtown Full-time

Apply Now

Apply Now

Any new applications will be considered for the September 2019 intake.

The Admissions Department must receive a completed application and official transcripts and the Career Investigation Form with a completed Summary of Observation by July 12, 2019.

The dexterity and aptitude tests will be offered /arranged by invitation for applicants who have submitted all admission requirements.

Letters of acceptance are sent prior to the start of the program, and students are required to make a first payment at this time to reserve a seat.

Online Mail In Person
If you're ready and know the program you want, apply now. Download and complete the (PDF) application/registration form and mail it to VCC Registrar's Office Visit us at one of our campus locations.

After you apply, you can check application status to see if all of the requirements have been met or to update contact information. Please use the temporary login ID and Personal Identification Number (PIN) that you used to complete your original online application.

Program Description

Program Description

The graduates of the Dental Technology Sciences program will have the skills and abilities to:

  • Design, fabricate, modify and repair removable oral/dental prostheses;
  • Design, fabricate, modify and repair fixed oral/dental prostheses;
  • Design, fabricate, modify and repair oral/dental appliances used in orthodontics, oral and maxillo-facial surgery and other dental treatments;
  • Integrate general knowledge of dental laboratory procedures, physics and chemistry principles, associated with the fabrication of oral appliances and dental restorations
  • Assess the characteristics and properties of dental materials associated with the fabrication or oral appliances and dental restorations and make decisions about their appropriate application in practice;
  • Assess the characteristics and operation of equipment and special instrumentation associated with the fabrication of oral appliances and dental restorations and make decisions about their appropriate application in practice;
  • Assess the fundamental elements of dental anatomy, dental physiology, dental morphology and basic elements of oral pathological conditions and apply relevant knowledge to dental technology practice;
  • Practice current workplace health and safety standards including dental laboratory asepsis, and infection control;
  • Apply essential elements and skills of behavioural sciences, communications, professional ethics, legal obligations and business management to dental technology practice;
  • Make decisions that reflect critical thinking and problem solving; integrate pertinent theoretical knowledge and empirical data and information literacy skills to justify and/or revise services.

Classes are generally held 8:30 a.m. - 3 p.m., Monday - Friday (class times are subject to change).

Instructional Activities, Design and Delivery Mode

The Dental Technology Sciences program is competency based and utilizes a variety of teaching and learning activities to enable students to achieve core professional competencies. Theory and authentic laboratory practical experiences are provided throughout. More than 50% of the program is based on practical experience in VCC dental laboratories. Skills and abilities are based on the National Dental Laboratory Technology competencies (May 2012) and Provincial Standards of Practice.

Learning is fostered through classroom theory (lecture), demonstrations, simulations, seminars, group work, case studies, project work, laboratory practice and practicum.

Throughout the program communication and other interpersonal skills, teamwork strategies, self and peer evaluation, critical thinking, decision-making and problem solving are reinforced. Quality practice skills are learned such as time and self-management.

Evaluation of Student Learning

Evaluation includes written examinations, case studies, projects and presentations, demonstration of laboratory competencies and laboratory assignments and evaluations. Students self-evaluate all lab work prior to instructor evaluation. Professional conduct, communication skills and quality management are integral to laboratory evaluations. Laboratory abilities are assessed using Objective, Structured Clinical Evaluations (OSCEs). Students will leave the program with a career portfolio to assist with employment. Students are required to achieve a minimum of a C+ (64%) in all courses. Laboratory project work must be Satisfactory on the OSCEs.

Duration of the Program

This is a two year diploma program with five semesters (24 months). Four semesters are offered onsite at VCC and most of semester five is offered as a practicum in full service dental laboratories.

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements


This program welcomes applications from Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Program options for international students can be found at VCC International.

As Vancouver Community College is a post-secondary institution committed to educating adult learners, applicants should be 16 years of age or older or a graduate of a secondary school.

Please note that you must submit official transcripts and educational documents to support your application; unfortunately, we cannot accept photocopies or fax versions.

Program Specific

Missing prerequisites? VCC offers courses in Adult Upgrading and English as an Additional Language to help you meet your goals.
Admission to the Dental Technology Program is on a competitive selection basis. Applicants must possess:
  • Grade 12, or equivalent
  • English 12 with a C + or better or equivalent
  • Human Biology 12 with a C+ or better or equivalent
  • Chemistry 11 or Math 11 or Physics 11 with C+ or better or equivalent
  • Complete and submit to VCC Registrar’s Office a Career Investigation and Summary Report

Foreign trained applicants are required to submit an ICES comprehensive evaluation . Email ICES at or call toll free 1.866.434.9197 for more information.

Selection Process
  • All qualified candidates who meet the admissions requirements by the deadline date will take the dexterity and aptitude tests.
  • The qualified applicants with the highest scores in the tests will be offered seats.
Upon Acceptance applicants must provide evidence of:
  • Basic First Aid and CPR-Level C training

Note: The provincial regulatory authority (the College of Dental Technicians of BC) requires a clear criminal record prior to registration. Please note that failure to have a clear criminal record could prevent the student from being eligible for registration in BC.

All requests for transfer credits or course exemptions for all courses in the program must be submitted with application to the program. View the Request for Transfer Credit form.

Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition (PLAR)

Non available

Recommended Characteristics:

  • Good health including good eyesight and hearing
  • Manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination
  • Ability to give close attention to detail for sustained periods of time
  • Ability to work accurately and neatly, and to manage time effectively
  • Good command of spoken and written English
  • High standards of personal integrity and maturity
  • Ability to take initiative and handle responsibility

Health Requirements:

  • Applicants with back, hand or shoulder problems may be affected by the physical demands of the profession
  • Prospective students with respiratory problems may be affected by dust from grinding and polishing and fumes from materials used
  • Those with sensitive skin and conditions such as sensitivity to latex may also be affected by some materials used in dental laboratory practice

Course Schedule

Fees and Other costs

Application Fee $35
Tuition Fee Year 1: $11,624.45 + fees listed below
Year 2: $11,883.47 + fees listed below
Student Union Fee $156.00 per year
College Initiative Fee $105.00 per year
Laundry Fee $88.00 per year
Uniform Fee $60.00
Student Union Health Plan Fee $292.00 per year
U-Pass Fee $410.00 per year
Other Costs
$40.00 - Graduation Fees
$191.00 per year - Campus Resource Fee
$239.00 - Approximate Material Fee
$5,800.00 - Approximate Lab and Equipment Fees
At the time of acceptance, a $300 non-refundable deposit will be required to hold your seat if accepted more than two months before the start date of the program. Full payment of the first installment will be required within two months before the start date.

For book lists and prices, check Bookstore.

Fees are approximate and subject to change without notice. Students are responsible for any increase in fees if advanced payments are made. The application fee is non-refundable. Fees are refunded according to the refund policy. For further clarification, see withdrawals and refunds information page.

Info Sessions

Info Sessions

Sink your teeth into an exciting career in dental technology. VCC offers an updated dental technology program, one of only a few certified programs available in B.C.

Attend an information session to take a tour the dental department and dental facilities and learn about the program, job market, career prospects and admission requirements.

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Contact Us/Request Info


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Program Highlights

Program Highlights


Course Schedule

Courses Schedule


Term 1

(DENT 1100) Dental Technology Foundations
course schedule schedule
11.0 credits course outline
(DENT 1110) Biosciences 1
course schedule schedule
4.0 credits course outline
(DENT 1120) Dental Laboratory Sciences 1
course schedule schedule
4.0 credits course outline
(DENT 1130) Professional Practice 1
course schedule schedule
1.0 credits course outline

Term 2

(DENT 1210) Biosciences 2
course schedule schedule
1 credits course outline
(DENT 1220) Dental Laboratory Sciences 2
course schedule schedule
4.0 credits course outline
(DENT 1240) Removable Prosthetics 1
course schedule schedule
6.0 credits course outline
(DENT 1250) Fixed Prosthetics 1
course schedule schedule
6.0 credits course outline
(DENT 1260) Orthodontics 1
course schedule schedule
3.0 credits course outline

Term 3

(DENT 2320) Dental Laboratory Sciences 3
course schedule schedule
3.0 credits course outline
(DENT 2330) Professional Practice 2
course schedule schedule
1.0 credits course outline
(DENT 2340) Removable Prosthetics 2
course schedule schedule
6.0 credits course outline
(DENT 2350) Fixed Prosthetics 2
course schedule schedule
7.0 credits course outline
(DENT 2360) Orthodontics 2
course schedule schedule
3.0 credits course outline

Term 4

(DENT 2440) Removable Prosthetics 3
course schedule schedule
8.0 credits course outline
(DENT 2450) Fixed Prosthetics 3
course schedule schedule
8.0 credits course outline
(DENT 2460) Orthodontics 3
course schedule schedule
4.0 credits course outline

Term 5

(DENT 2510) Dental Technology Practicum
course schedule schedule
19.0 credits course outline
(DENT 2530) Professional Practice 3
course schedule schedule
1.0 credits course outline