Career Services


I need to practice my interview skills.

You've submitted your targeted resume and cover letter and now you've been asked to come in for an interview. Make sure you do your research and are prepared to make a good impression.

  1. One-on-one practice
    Students can meet with VCC Learning Centre tutors to practice interview skills. 

  2. Online resources
    The VCC Learning Centre also offers online tips and tricks to make sure you stand out in a positive way.

  3. Interview skills workshop
    A counsellor will facilitate this group workshop. Learn to prepare for an interview, including how to introduce yourself, what questions to anticipate during your interview and how best to answer. Job interview practice may be videotaped and reviewed.

    Counsellors will also provide one-on-one assistance for people who are feeling anxious about job interviews. Please ask your instructor to book a workshop for your class.