Strategic Innovation Plan

What does the future of college education look like in British Columbia?

Technological, social, and economic changes are undoubtedly occurring in our post-secondary community. The word “disruption” is being used more than ever.

What does it really mean to “disrupt” a system that has built up thousands of careers and enriched countless lives? In the coming months, VCC will be launching a 10-year Strategic Innovation Plan meant to not only anticipate changes to post-secondary education but also lead its progress.

As technology opens classrooms and challenges traditional learning, VCC will embrace it. As populations shift, VCC will welcome them. As employers demand new skills, VCC will rise to the occasion.


1. Building campuses of the future
Thoughtfully designed spaces with cutting-edge technology
2. Building programs of the future
Effective, affordable programs that support lifelong learning and a multiple-career culture
3. Building a culture of engagement and innovation
Long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with industry and the community
4. Building a sustainable business model
Strategic, student-centered advancements with lasting, positive impacts
5. Building the brand
A distinct and progressive identity that reflects the new VCC