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musician patricia plumley

Patricia Plumley

Concert Choir, Piano, Voice, Willan Choir
Patricia has been a faculty member of VCC Music since 1988. She currently teaches piano, class piano, conducts the VCC Willan Choir, and co-conducts the VCC Concert Choir.

musician daryl jahnke

Daryl Jahnke

Jazz and Contemporary Guitar
Daryl is a highly sought after recording and performing musician with a long-standing passion for jazz improvisation. He has been heading the guitar program at VCC Music since 2012.

musician craig scott

Craig Scott

Drums and Percussion, Jazz Repertory Ensemble
Craig is an accomplished drummer, and vibraphone player. His drumming credits include concert and club dates with Canadian jazz luminaries and international artists. He teaches at VCC and Capilano University.

What people are saying

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Music is about relationships. VCC is a wonderful community that is built upon strong interpersonal relationships between staff and students.

VCC 2018 music grad
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My strongest experiences came from the flexibility and real person contact at VCC. As a smaller institution, VCC offered an education that was tailored to my abilities and direction.

VCC 2018 music grad
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I gained a deeper understanding of the language of music.

VCC music alumni
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It gave me greater confidence in my abilities, gave me even more motivation to continue learning and growing as a musician.

VCC music alumni
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