Disability Services


assisting student with a sign language interpreter

To recive support services or accommodations, students are require to provide documentation to support their request. The documentation must describe the nature of the disability/condition and include a detailed explanation of the functional impact of the disability.

A diagnosis alone is insufficient to support a request for accommodations and/or services.

Criteria for documentation

The documentation provided must be obtained from a professional who has specific training, expertise and who is experienced in the diagnosis of the condition for which the accommodations are being requested.

  • All professionals submitting documentation must be appropriately certified and/or licensed to practice
  • Documentation should include a diagnosis, symptoms and their severity, and a prognosis for the disability
  • Documents should be dated, printed on official letterhead and typed (for purposes of legibility)
  • Documentation should include the professional's name, title, phone/fax, mailing and email address and signature

Examples of documentation

  • Psycho-educational assessment (not older than five years) from a registered psychologist
  • Audiology report and audiogram
  • Opthamological report
  • Clinical assessment report from psychologist/psychiatrist
  • Neuro-psychological assessment report
  • Occupational therapy report

Please contact Disability Services for further clarification.