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President's message: Turkish-Syrian earthquake

Posted on February 10, 2023


A message from VCC president Ajay Patel

Dear VCC community,

As many of you know, the catastrophic earthquake and ensuing aftershocks that struck near the Turkish-Syrian border on Monday continues to have devastating impacts on the people of the region. 

On behalf of VCC, we extend our deepest sympathies to those in our community, as well as to those in the rest of BC, Canada, and around the world, who are affected by this disastrous series of events. 

Information around recovery efforts and tragic details being shared can be very upsetting. For any VCC students who may need support, please connect with our counselling staff. Resources for staff and faculty are also available through\HumanResources (login required).

It can be extremely difficult to hear and see this news from so far away. If you would like to support recovery efforts and are in a position to do so, several organizations, including the ones listed below, are providing emergency recovery efforts and are actively accepting donations. For more information, please visit:

•    Canadian Red Cross
•    OXFAM
•    Save the Children

In Vancouver, volunteers have set up a donation collection centre at 580 Industrial Avenue to send much needed supplies to victims of the earthquake.

This is an important time to come together as a community. I encourage us all to support and be kind to one another.

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Ajay Patel
President and CEO
Vancouver Community College