Education Council

Get involved

Education Council warmly welcomes all members of the College communitystudents, staff, faculty, and administrationto participate in shaping the future of teaching and learning at VCC.

Why join EdCo?

  • Be empowered to make changes to improve student life on campus
  • Learn how the College is run
  • Gain valuable experience working in a team with people across the College
  • Develop your leadership skills by representing your constituency group
  • Shape the future of VCC for the best student experience
  • Engage with the VCC community–students, faculty, staff, and administrators

What is expected of EdCo members?

  • Regularly attend EdCo meetings and planning sessions
  • Preparereview meeting packages in advance and seek more relevant information
  • Engageactively participate in meetings, bring forward questions, and suggest topics for discussion
  • Vote on proposals for new or revised curriculum and policies
  • Become familiar with EdCo Bylaws and relevant College policies 

How to join EdCo

Education Council is made up of ten faculty members, four student representatives, four educational administrators, and two support staff.  Faculty, students, and support staff are elected by their peers; administrators are appointed by the President.

College-wide elections are held each September/October. Additional by-elections may be held to fill vacant seats. 

Elections are happening now - see the Notice of Election and Election Rules for details.

For questions about the election process, please contact

Other Ways to Get Involved

  • Attend EdCo meetings as an observer:

    EdCo meetings are public, and all members of the College community are invited to attend. Zoom links for meetings are located on the meeting agenda.
  • Join one of Education Council's Standing Committees:

Members of Curriculum Committee, Education Policy Committee, and Education Quality Committee are appointed. Check each committee's Terms of Reference for details.

Joining VCC's Education Council is a fantastic way for students to participate in meaningful change to the educational experience of VCC's students. Education Council also provides students who are interested in governance the opportunity to learn more about how public institutions are run.

– Sarah Kay, Education Council Vice-Chair