Education Council

Standing Committees

To assist Education Council in the decision-making process, there are three supporting Standing Committees: Curriculum Commitee, Education Policy Committee, and Education Quality Committee.

Chair:  Todd Rowlatt

Curriculum Committee ensures that College curriculum development and revisions are consistent with approved processes and are undertaken in compliance with educational policies. The committee provides quality assurance to help ensure College curricula reflect sound pedagogical practices. Curriculum Committee is the first stop in the curriculum approval governance process, as its recommendations are formally considered by Education Council for approval or for advice to the Board of Governors.

Terms of Reference

Chair: Sarah Kay 

The members of Education Policy Committee are responsible for checking that all educational policies and procedures are thoroughly reviewed during the policy development and approval process. The committee reviews existing policies on a five-year cycle and supports the creation of new policies. Members aim to ensure policies are sound, consistent, and fair, striving to make each policy readable, clear, and practical. Education Policy Committee acts in an advisory role to Education Council on all policy review-related matters.

Terms of Reference

Chair: Todd Rowlatt

The Education Quality Committee (formerly Program Review and Renewal Committee/ Quality Assurance Committee) is responsible for guiding fundamental aspects of VCC, such as annual program review, program renewal, and curriculum development (CD) fund allocation. Members of the committee ensure all of these processes are clearly defined, and are constantly on the lookout for new and better methods to improve integral College processes.‌‌

Terms of Reference