Education Council

Education Council

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Elections are happening now!

Get involved - Education Council elections are coming up for four student, six faculty, and two staff positions.

Election timeline:

  • Nomination Period: September 1829
  • Campaign Period: October 36
  • Voting: October 1117
  • Results announced by October 20

See the Notice of Election and Election Rules for details. Nomination forms are posted on myVCC for employees and students.

For questions about the election process, please contact

For general questions about Education Council, please contact

Info Session for interested students, faculty and staff:

An info session was held on September 25; see the presentation slides for more information on Education Council and the Board of Governors.

We look forward to welcoming our new members in November.

Education Council (EdCo) is a key part of VCC’s internal governance structure. All public B.C. colleges are required by the College and Institute Act to have a Board of Governors and an Education Council, the two branches that make up bicameral governance.

Education Council has the sole decision-making authority for

  • policies concerning examinations and evaluation of student performance;
  • criteria for academic standing, academic standards and the grading system;
  • policies and procedures for appeals by students on academic matters and establishing a final appeal tribunal for these appeals;
  • curriculum content for courses leading to certificates, diplomas or degrees.

Education Council acts in an advisory role to the Board of Governors on the development of educational policy.

Education Council and the Board of Governors have joint approval powers for decisions related to equivalency of courses, programs, or course credit.

Education Council and the Board of Governors both have Standing Committees that support their work.

Every person on EdCo speaks from an area of the college that needs to be heard. We can't make good change without listening to each other. I hope that students, in particular, will join to learn about how academic changes are made, and to influence those changes.

– Natasha Mandryk, Education Council Chair