Chemistry 1 (CHEM 1121)

This course emphasizes the basic principles of structural chemistry, with application to the chemistry of the elements. The course introduces quantum mechanics, polymers, biopolymers and the importance of chemistry to society. The laboratory illustrates the behavior of chemical systems and some of the basic techniques associated with quantitative chemical experimentation. Chemistry 1 is designed for students seeking a degree or diploma in a field of science, technology, or health, among others. Both the lab and lecture portions need to be passed in order to pass the course. It is also suitable as an elective course.
Course code: CHEM 1121
Credits: 4.0
Length: 120.0 hours
Course outline: view


Chemistry 12 (or CHEM 0983/0993) with a minimum 'C+' grade or equivalent; and Pre-calculus 12 with a minimum 'C+' grade, or MATH 1020 with a minimum 'C' grade, or Math 0983 and Math 0993 both with a minimum 'C+' grade, or VCC Math Pre-calculus Test (MPT) with a minimum 72%.

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