Case Management 1 (DEND 2105)

In this course students apply a holistic approach to client treatment. The focus is on cases completed in the DEND 2103 Clinical Prosthetics 1 course. Students reflect on, and integrate previously learned theoretical knowledge and practical skills from complete denture courses. Students present clinical cases from DEND 2103 to their peers, providing the rationale and methodology for choosing the content of their client treatment plan. Students reflect on the difficulties and successes they encountered throughout the entire client treatment process and reflect on ways to improve their practice. In addition students are required to demonstrate ability to compose and manage patient records and maintain confidentiality. Opportunities to role play difficult case scenarios are provided.
Course code: DEND 2105
Credits: 3.0
Length: 65.0 hours
Course outline: view


Successful completion of all Term 1 and 2 courses and DEND 2103.


DEND 2101; DEND 2102; DEND 2104; DEND 2106.

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