Case Management 4 (DEND 3205)

This final course in the Denturist Science Program builds on Case Management 1, 2 and 3 courses. Students integrate previously learned theoretical knowledge and practical skills from all complete and removable partial denture courses and application of this knowledge and skills to specific cases in Community Practice 2 and Preceptorship. Students present selected client cases from their Community Practice 2 and Preceptorship experience to peers, including the rationale and methodology for choosing the content of their client treatment plan. Students are required to reflect on peer, mentor and instructor feedback on these treatment plans and presentations, incorporating this feedback and self-reflections into a plan to improve their practice. Students have the opportunity to role play difficult case scenarios as well as review their portfolio, address deficiencies in preparation to write the regulatory examinations.
Course code: DEND 3205
Credits: 6.0
Length: 140.0 hours
Course outline: view


Successful completion of all Term 1,2,3,4 and 5 courses and DEND 3204, DEND 3206.

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