Hairstylist Foundation 2 (HAIR 1200)

This course builds on the topics introduced in Hairstylist Foundation 1. Students build on their prior knowledge and are introduced to new cutting techniques, using razor and specialty shears. Students will learn to use specific tools and techniques to perform texturizing methods such as thinning, slithering, point cutting, slicing and razor rotation. Learners will be introduced to new aspects of styling wet or dry hair, long hair preparation and styling, in addition to developing creativity and awareness of acceptable finishing results and client suitability. Students will also continue to build on their colour skills by learning multi-dimensional foil highlights and lowlights, virgin bleach application, lightening retouch and toner services. Additional permanent wave wrapping techniques such as specialty wraps and long hair permanent waving techniques will also be introduced as well as Keratin hair smoothing system and the different types of hair relaxers. In addition, students are introduced to the concepts related to owning or operating a salon and spa business such as branding, marketing, business plans, financial requirements, rental agreements, insurance, and human resources. Students will also have the opportunity to observe, learn and assist in a professional salon environment of their choice. The salon work experience will provide insight into the general salon functions, duties, roles and responsibilities of a stylist.
Course code: HAIR 1200
Credits: 18.0
Length: 450.0 hours
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HAIR 1100.

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